Soon you'll be able to order the original 1923 Trading Co. Wood Prints online. 

1923 Trading Co. - How Do We Do It

What started as an idea on how to recycle our leftover hurricane plywood, ended up as the wood prints you see here in our shop. The first batch of wood used for the 1923 Trading Co. were bolted over the windows of our Cape Coral home, and endured Hurricane Irma's wrath in 2017.


Are the images printed directly onto the wood?
The wood prints we make for the 1923 Trading Co. are made by hand using a print transfer technique - not printed directly onto the wood using an actual printer or print press.  We print the images onto paper, cut and sand the wood, then we transfer the image that was printed on the paper, onto the wood. The paper is then removed, and the print is washed and treated with a technique that enhances the appearance of the wood and helps capture the mood of the imagery.

Are the wood prints actually old, or do they just look that way?
The distressed appearance of the print is a result of the transfer process, and is unpredictable and unique to each print.  This process gives our prints the signature vintage style you see with each piece. The edges of the wood print are then hand carved or framed, and the piece is embellished with brass details, gold wax, and gold paint.  Every print comes with hanging hardware, so it's ready to hang in the personal space of your choice.

Do you have designs or maps that are non-Florida related?
No, not really.  We carry a selection of antique Florida map designs, south Florida wildlife photography, Florida and USA flags, a variety of turn of the century circus and magician posters, as well as a hand drawn graphic series and old Florida postcards and advertisements.

Can the wood prints hang outside or on my lanai?
Our wood prints hold up against the UV rays, however they do not hold up well against constantly being rained on.  We would suggest not hanging your wood print outside because the wood will start to split apart within a year of being out in the elements.  Hanging in a covered lanai or porch will be perfectly fine as long as the print is out of the rain.

Where can I purchase a 1923 wood print?
You can find us at select shops and galleries, and also in person at various markets and art/craft shows around Florida.  Click HERE for a list of shops and upcoming markets

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​Every print is individually handmade in Cape Coral, FL.